Growth Through Integrity And Innovation

Founded in 1959, ZEKS Compressed Air Solutions (ZEKS) has grown to become a leading manufacturer and provider of compressed air treatment products including refrigerated and desiccant air dryers, filters, mist eliminators, flow controllers, and air system accessories. ZEKS dryers and filters efficiently and reliably remove water and contaminants from compressed air while our flow controllers and accessories optimize the efficiency of compressed air systems. Our products are used to minimize product waste and maximize productivity in virtually every industry, in a broad range of applications.

The company was started by four men whose names, Zellner, Eichenberg, Kunkel, and Smith form the company name - ZEKS. They had the idea that a refrigerated air dryer could be engineered to cycle on and off, dependent on actual air usage, to conserve energy and reduce dryer operating cost. The concept brought forth our flagship product, the HeatSink Cycling Refrigerated Dryer which stores cooling energy, allowing the dryer refrigeration system to run optimally, or be turned off completely. The same innovative spirit shared by these men has been applied to other products in our line. Availability is through authorized distributors located throughout North America, all of whom are trained to specify, sell, install and service the entire ZEKS product line.

ZEKS corporate offices and manufacturing facility are located in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Our employees are dedicated to providing innovative engineering excellence, quality manufacturing and exceptional customer service.